A few months ago, I participated in a 30 day product listing challenge.  And I got the help of a little magic robot.

Well it’s not quite magic but it sort of feels that way. Because I enter in a few word strings about the product I’m planning to list and poof it spits out a product description that I likely would have never thought of myself.

Could you use a little magic robot to help with your product listings?

If so, here are a few that I have tried thus far:

  • Rytr – I really like the layout, available options, and it typically comes back with good descriptions.
  • Peppertype – I have found this one to be my favorite right now as it comes back with some really cool descriptions.
  • WordHero – initially this was the one I liked the least; however, the interface has changed and I found myself using it a lot more.

Perhaps it’s a case of garbage in, garbage out. But I don’t think that is fully the case because I tend to enter the exact same thing across each one of the tools. However, I’m hanging onto WordHero with the hopes it will improve and the one plus for this one is there are no monthly character limits unlike the others.

These little magic robots are officially considered AI powered content generators. Perhaps you have heard the buzz about a quite popular (and expensive) one called Jarvis. And from what I hear, it’s great but it is not within my budget.

Which is why I like finding budget-friendly lifetime deals at AppSumo and I was able to snag all three of those there. And I didn’t want you to miss out in case you could use your own little word robot 🙂

While the Rytr and Peppertype deals are over, you can still grab the lifetime deal of WordHero. .

Although I’m using these AI tools to help me with product descriptions, you can use them for help creating blog posts, landing pages, and so much more.

Get Your Magic Robot Before the Deal Ends.

Need more ideas on what to create and sell on Etsy or your online shop. Get creative with these ideas.

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