As the calendar pages turn and the year inches towards its conclusion, a wave of reflection and anticipation washes over us. It's a time to ponder the accomplishments of the past months and set intentions for the future. For many of us, this season also marks a prime opportunity to embark on a fresh journey with a new planner.

And here's a savvy strategy to consider: purchasing discounted planners toward the end of the year. Not only does this approach save you money, but it also presents a golden chance to test out a variety of planner styles without making a hefty commitment. Let's delve into the reasons behind this strategy and explore how it can help you discover your ideal planner style.

Why purchase a new planner later in the year can be a good strategy

The Advantage of End-of-Year Discounts

When planner companies release their new line of planners for the upcoming year, they often discount the current year's planner. I've purchased several planners like the Spaces Planner during this time and scored some sweet savings. It typically retails for $65 but I was able to grab it for just $22. The allure of discounted planners lies not only in their cost-effectiveness but also in the promise of a fresh start as you turn the page on the calendar. And fresh starts are not just relegated to just January 1st.

Opportunity to Explore Different Planner Styles

Are you intrigued by the concept of a daily planner that lets you dive into the details, or do you prefer a broader perspective with a monthly overview? Maybe you've been contemplating the artistic realm of bullet journaling. The end-of-year discount season provides an opportunity to explore a range of planner styles that align with your unique preferences without blowing your budget on a planner that you might later decide it doesn't suite your needs.

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Lessen Planner Commitment Anxiety

The prospect of investing in a full-priced planner can trigger a sense of commitment anxiety. What if the layout isn't what you envisioned? What if it doesn't suit your lifestyle? If you're anything like me, you have more than one planner that you started out using faithfully only to find it sitting on the shelf unused by mid year. Buying a discounted planner alleviates this anxiety by allowing you to try different styles without the pressure of a significant financial commitment.

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Uncover Your Preferred Planner Layout

A planner's layout is its backbone. It determines how you'll interact with your planner on a daily basis. By purchasing discounted planners, you can experiment with layouts you might not have considered before. With all of the vast planners on the market, you no longer have to choose between just a hourly or weekly planner. Whether you find satisfaction in the structure of a weekly spread or the flexibility of a bullet journal-inspired layout, this is your opportunity to discover what truly resonates with you. The Spaces Planner has one of the most unique layouts I've come across. It offers flexible weekly planning with plenty of spaces to write lists for all of the various spaces in your life.

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Try New Productivity Techniques

End-of-year planner discounts also facilitate experimentation with various productivity techniques. From time blocking to habit tracking to goal setting, different planner styles can enhance specific techniques. With discounted planners, you're free to explore these techniques without the fear of wasting a significant investment.

Find a Creative Outlet

While planners are often thought of as productivity tools, they can also be canvases awaiting your creative touch. Whether it's adding artistic flair to your daily entries or incorporating hand-lettering into your to-do lists, a discounted planner gives you the chance to embrace the artistic side of planning.

Make Informed Choices

While discounts are enticing, it's important to make informed decisions. Research brands and styles before purchasing a discounted planner. The planner community is quite large and you can find planner reviews on places like YouTube. Scroll through Instagram and you can get a look at how others are using their planners. Watching planner reviews can give you insight into the quality of the paper, the durability of the binding, and ink tests. Which can help you decide what features matter most to you.

Set Up a Test Period

As you unwrap your discounted planner, consider the remaining months of the year as a testing period. Dive into different layouts, techniques, and creative expressions. Take notes of what works and what doesn't as you fine-tune your planning routine.

Evaluate Your Planner Experiment

As the year comes to a close, take time to evaluate your planner experiment. What styles resonated most with you? Which techniques proved most effective? This evaluation will serve as a guide for your planner choice in the coming year.

An Invitation to Explore

Buying a discounted planner near the end of the year isn't just about saving money; it's a strategic move that invites you to step out of your planning comfort zone. It's an invitation to explore, experiment, and discover the planner style that complements your unique needs and preferences. So, as the year winds down, consider this opportunity to embrace the joy of discovery and set the stage for an organized and inspired year ahead.

Over to You

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