Well, you have decided on your planner for the year but choosing a planner is only the first step. How do you make the most of your planner? This post contains affiliates, which means we may receive a commission at no additional charge to you.

Being more productive is key to finishing tasks, meeting your deadlines, and completing goals. Unfortunately, this can be exactly where people go wrong with all the various distractions life brings you. If you want to use a planner to improve your productivity, keep reading to learn how this might be the best thing for you.

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Customize Your Planner with Printable Pages

Starting with a basic planner is great, but for maximum productivity, you need to personalize it a little bit. Make it a customized planner with printables that work exactly for what you need it for. This might mean vacation pages when planning for an upcoming trip, time management pages when working on a project, or just additional blank pages when you need to jot down notes or use it as a journal.

Take the Time to Set it Up Properly

You will hear a lot about how to set up your planner, and the reason is because it is an integral step to using it effectively. Take the time to see all the pages that are in your planner, write down birthdays, events, and appointments, and decide how you are going to use each of the pages it includes. Find other printable pages to add when needed, and keep adding to your planner when things in your life change. This is how you can make the most of it.




Use the Planner for Clear and Concise Goals

Instead of just writing a short list of goals, make them clear and concise. Be detailed and explain what each goal is, what is expected, and when you will complete the different tasks required. Use the S.M.A.R.T. method of setting goals, as this really encourages you to think about realistic, achievable goals that will allow you to keep moving forward in your personal and professional life.

Don’t Just Set it and Forget it

How to better use your planner productivelyA big part of using a planner is using it! It is not meant to simply be a calendar that you write in once, then don’t check back in again. You should be using it on a daily basis, even if you are just double-checking the next appointment, or adding a few tasks to your to-do list.  Make using your planner a part of your daily routine by setting a specific time to review your planner daily. Take full advantage of the planner and all it can offer you. If it helps, get a smaller planner that fits in your purse or laptop case so that you can carry it with you.

In what way has using a planner improved your productivity?


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