Are you new to low content publishing or have you been in the game for a while? Either way, we have some amazing deals waiting for you! Explore this week’s collection of rebrandable templates, coloring pages, and valuable trainings that will revolutionize your publishing journey. Don’t miss out on these friendly-priced commercial use templates ‚Äď grab them now and take your publishing endeavors to new heights!

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ALERT: Check out these limited time freebies.

Fantastic Five Dollar Deal

Here are two fab five dollar finds you can get your hands on this week:

30 Days of Business Training

Cindy Bidar is celebrating five years of Six Figure Systems with a fantastic deal for you to ‚Äčcheck out the membership for 30 days for just $5‚Äč. Inside you’ll find a vault of valuable business building resources.

Graphics Bundle

Another cool five dollar find is ‚ÄčDesign Cuts Celebrating a Decade Bundle‚Äč. You’ll find commercial use graphics, procreate brushes, fonts, and more inside the bundle.

By the way, if you‚Äôre looking to add spreadsheets to your product offerings, I highly recommend you check out ‚Äčthis resource‚Äč filled with commercial use, rebrandable spreadsheet templates along with training on how to design your own.

Thanksgiving Activity Bundle

‚ÄčSnag a HUGE 50% off this cute bundle for kids‚Äč that comes with affirmations along with an kids activity pack. Be sure to use coupon code FALL50.

With the thanksgiving affirmation cards, children will engage in the practice of thankfulness through beautifully crafted affirmations that resonate with their youthful spirits. 

These 24 unique affirmations encourage kids to be mindful of their blessings and navigate life’s ups and downs with a grateful heart.¬† Each card offers colorful, fall-inspiredanimal designs to captivate their imaginations.

As for “Autumn Adventures,” this 26-page activity printable provides a cornucopia of Fall-themed puzzles, coloring pages, crafts, and educational activities. 

From drawings to mazes, this printable keeps young minds active and happy as the leaves turn and the weather cools.

Google Calendar Mastery Toolkit

This toolkit is everything you need to uplevel your digital planners. Full of template, databases, tips, and videos, this contains everything you need to understand and integrate with Google Calendar. Grab your toolkit now.

Nursing School Planner

Help nursing students stay organized this year with this ‚Äčnew Nursing School bundle‚Äč that comes with a 38 page printable planner in PowerPoint and Canva plus digital stickers and papers.

The Repurposing Society

Join Ruthie inside her latest adventure of building out a new business and blog. Plus you will also receive training and strategies on how to repurpose your content, product creation, and more. ‚ÄčCheck out all the details here‚Äč.

Manifest Your Dream Life Content Pack

This private label rights content pack comes with affirmations, Canva templates, photos, blog post, self survey plus 30 day social media messages. Save ten dollars when you use coupon code MANIFEST10.

Flash Sale at PLR Niche

Support and save 50% off storewide with coupon code MRB. You’ve find a selection of homesteading and crafting planners over at the PLR Niche shop.

Anniversary Deal

In celebration of the one year anniversary of the PLR Cookie Jar, you can save 60% off storewide excluding the membership with coupon code EXTRACOOKIES. And while you there check out some her no cost cookies.

Commercial Use Coloring Page Deals

Bible Verse Coloring Pages

Get these beautifully illustrated done-for-you ministry resource and inspire your audience’s creativity while spreading God’s love. Available for just $10 for a limited time. While you’re there, check out the first set of bible verse coloring pages and pick up a free sample content pack.

rebrandable bible verse coloring pages for ministry leaders and faith bloggers

Winter Coloring Pages

Add Some Whimsy to Your Winter with these Fairy House Coloring Pages for just $9 with coupon code FAIRYHOUSE9.

ūüéĀ NO Cost Goodies

‚ÄčHow to Leverage AI to Blog Faster‚Äč

‚ÄčSeasonal Product Guide‚Äč

Ready to get your email welcome setup? ‚ÄčThis can help‚Äč.

Snag some goodies from ‚ÄčLizzy’s giveaway‚Äč

‚ÄčGuide to Keyword Research for Etsy‚Äč

Grab this ‚Äčfree content pack‚Äč.

Enjoy one month of unlimited learning for zero cost

Listen to audiobooks while you work and get 60 days of free reading.

Grab your ticket to Creative Spark Summit: Digital Product Holiday Edition

Did you know you can ‚Äčget started on Etsy with 40 free listings‚Äč?


Learn how to luanch your next product is just three hours. Angela shows you how to to create and sell training based on what you know, fast! Grab your access to Launched in 3 Hours training.

Puzzle Tools

A couple of new puzzle tools were recently released

Fallen Phrases Puzzle Generator

Add a little variety to your activity sheets with Fallen Phrases puzzles. Not familiar with that type of puzzle? A fallen phrase puzzle is a type of word puzzle where a set of letters, forming a phrase or sentence, has “fallen” to the bottom of a column. In the process of falling, the letters have become mixed up, but they still maintain their original vertical alignment within the same column. The challenge of the puzzle lies in unscrambling these vertically aligned letters to reconstruct the original phrase or sentence.

Grab your copy of the Fallen Phrases Puzzle Generator.

Get a headstart on creating your first or next activity book with this set 100 mazes or grab this set and use code TPNBLOG to save 30% off.

Pixel Color by Number Generator

With this handy tool, you can take a folder of images and automatically turn them into pixelated color by number images. You can purchase a lifetime license to the generator or pay as you go with a monthly subscription.

Well there you have friend, a roundup of some the latest commercial use templates, graphics, and training to help you expand your publishing journey.

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