As the beautiful hues of spring begin to bloom, so too do the opportunities for digital product creators seeking fantastic deals and discounts. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just dipping your toes into the world of low-content publishing, this roundup is your perfect one-stop destination for discovering the latest offers to enhance your creative projects.

We've curated a selection of irresistible deals on templates, enriching courses, and indispensable software tools tailored to help you blossom in your digital product journey.

So grab a cup of your favorite floral-infused tea, and let's dive into this blooming bouquet of savings and inspiration. Whether you're sprucing up your existing projects or planting the seeds for new creations, let this Spring Edition of Low Content Publishing Deals and Discounts be your guiding light in the season of growth and renewal.


In the fast-paced world of digital product creation, having access to the right resources and support can make all the difference in turning your creative vision into a thriving business. This is why we are showcasing a few business memberships for digital product creators.

Monthly Insider Club

Members of the Monthly Insider Club offered by Simply Couture Designs get access to templates, clipart, mockups, creative and business lessons. Click here to read more details about the Monthly Insider Club and be sure to use code APRILINSIDER20 to save 20% off your membership when you join.

CJ Business Hub

The Createful Journals Business Hub is designed to help you take your PLR templates and learn how to start selling and profiting from them online!

CJ Business Hub for small business owners

For a Small Monthly Fee, you'll receive a Collection of Ready-made Digital & Printable Business Templates designed to elevate your Brand online or at a physical shop. You simply add your personal touch and you're ready to launch.

Sue wants to see you succeed, so not only will she provide you with the Best Quality Business Templates, she'll also add the necessary tools like Business Insights, Tutorials, and Templates needed to Jumpstart your business. Plus Sue and her team will be dropping bonuses or special deals throughout the year.


The Savvy Template Hub

If you're looking to add spreadsheets to your product line, Neha has a brand new membership that will deliver a monthly PLR spreadsheet template along with:

  • Seller Resources: receive mockups, and keywords to easily list the spreadsheet.
  • Customization Training: training to customize spreadsheets in an hour – quick rebrand to list faster
  • Additional design elements –to give you ideas to customize the spreadsheet
  • Business Training – new training either on business operations or hacks to list your products faster

Check out all the details of The Savvy Template Hub and lock in the founding member price today.

When you join you'll get access to the latest release, ​Reading Planner Spreadsheet​, or you can grab the planner itself at the discounted price through April 8th.

By the way, if you’re looking to add spreadsheets to your product offerings, I highly recommend you check out this resource filled with commercial use, rebrandable spreadsheet templates along with training on how to design your own.


Now is a perfect time to consider what new skills you would like to hone during this season.

Create Pop-Ups That Engage Students and Convert Customers

Join the Empowered team for training on pop-up strategies that won't make your customer run away. You'll walk away with ideas on how to incorporate popups for your blog, shop, sales pages, evergreen funnels, and more. Secure your spot for the Quick Win training.

Move to Thrivecart

If you've gotten stuck in the mud with switching over to the Thrivecart platform, you'll want to take part in the Move to Thrivecart program. You'll get everything you need to migrate to or finally finish setting up Thrivecart. Including everything you'll need to set up their funnels ( sales pages, bumps, and upsells), courses in Learn, and a bangin' affiliate program.

Podicastify It

Turn any idea you have into a podcast feed in minutes, create unlimited free and paid podcasts, and connect with your audience with a lot more ease and fun with Podicastify It.

Kenz will show you everything you need to create a tiny podcast that gets big results. With Podicastify It, you'll be able to:

  • Turn your ideas into actual products in light speed
  • Get creative in the way you create content
  • Get creative in the way you support your clients
  • Have a stress-free system to get your message out to the world

Selling With Email

In, Selling With Email, Cindy is letting you in on all the strategies she uses to: 

  • Craft engaging emails her subscribers actually want to read.
  • Click the “send” button with confidence every single day. 
  • Write useful (and profitable) emails quickly. 
  • Create a compelling sales pitch by including just three elements. 
  • Transform even the worst first drafts into an email you'll be proud to send.

The Genius Blogger Toolkit

Don't miss your chance to grab the ultimate blogger's resource, The Genius Blogger Toolkit.


Create tons of customizable Canva templates for celebrations and holidays with ​this bundle of collage letters​.

Whisper Pink Digital Planner Toolkit

Just in time for spring, this lovely Whisper Pink Digital Planner Toolkit has everything you need to create gorgeous digital planners. Inside the toolkit, you'll find:

  • Step-by-step videos
  • Weekly layout designs
  • Backgrounds and textures
  • Daily planner layout designs
  • Trackers
  • props
  • Patterns and more

You can quickly create planners that fit your unique brand style and use the software of your choice as the toolkit is available for Keynote, Affinity, or PowerPoint.

Grab Your Toolkit Today

Vintage Genealogy Spreadsheet

Vintage Genealogy PLR  Spreadsheet template

It's the perfect tool for the huge number of people worldwide who are interested in tracing their ancestors as far back as they can go and who need a way to keep track of and plan their research.

With the Vintage Genealogy Spreadsheet, you can easily record the vast quantity of information you'll gather about verified family members as well as potential leads. You can see your family tree (nine generations of it) at a glance as well as all the information you hold on individuals and family units.

Template Extravaganza

Shortcut your product creation time with the Template Extravaganza, where you'll get access to 20+ templates for one low price. It's the perfect opportunity to sample done-for-you resources from multiple providers.

From time-saving templates to comprehensive PLR packs, the Template Extravaganza offers everything you need to create high-quality content faster than ever before. Whether you're looking to enhance your blog, social media, or digital products, these resources will assist you in connecting with your community and delivering value to your audience, without burnout.



The folks over at InsightFactory, an Etsy keyword research tool, recently announced the new trends explorer tool. This feature is designed to help you dive deep into different niches and uncover products you may have never even considered. It can help you discover new opportunities for expanding your product offerings.

It's available now for a variety of categories, including

  •  Clipart
  • Printables and Digital Art
  • Business Niche ( Templates, Forms, Social Media, Website, Notion and …)
  • Weddings
  • Stationary
  • Event Supply ( Birthday, Baby shower, Funeral, and …)
  • Print on Demand
  • Home Decor

ALERT: Get started using InsightFactory today with free 3-day trial.

Fallen Phrases Puzzle Generator

Add a little variety to your activity sheets with Fallen Phrases puzzles. Not familiar with that type of puzzle? A fallen phrase puzzle is a type of word puzzle where a set of letters, forming a phrase or sentence, has “fallen” to the bottom of a column. In the process of falling, the letters have become mixed up, but they still maintain their original vertical alignment within the same column. The challenge of the puzzle lies in unscrambling these vertically aligned letters to reconstruct the original phrase or sentence.

Grab your copy of the Fallen Phrases Puzzle Generator.

Get a headstart on creating your first or next activity book with this set 100 mazes or grab this set and use code TPNBLOG to save 30% off.

Pixel Color by Number Generator

With this handy tool, you can take a folder of images and automatically turn them into pixelated color-by-number images. You can purchase a lifetime license for the generator or pay as you go with a monthly subscription.


Spring Bloom Planner Stickers and Clipart Creative Bundle

Easily create stickers, pattern paper designs, stationery, and more with this collection of 100% hand-drawn Easter clipart, line art illustrations, digital papers, and planner sticker templates, all in one incredible package. Grab your copy of the Spring Bloom Line Art & Clipart Creative Bundle today!

Use Coupon Code SPRINGBUNDLE50 to save for a limited time.

🎁 NO Cost Goodies

​Seasonal Product Guide​

Ready to get your email welcome setup? ​This can help​.

Snag some goodies from ​Lizzy's giveaway​

Grab this ​free content pack​.

Enjoy one month of unlimited learning for zero cost.

Listen to audiobooks while you work and get 60 days of free reading.

Freebies You Can Create

Did you know you can ​get started on Etsy with 40 free listings​?

Get these ​stock photos for your blog​

​Guide to editing done for you coloring pages​

❤A Few of My Favorite Things❤

Launch your Etsy shop with ​​40 Free listings​

​Enjoy ​60 days of unlimited reading​ from my favorite spot​.

Add ​​rebrandable spreadsheets​​ to your product line.

Learn​ how to​ launch your TPT store​​.

Get​ ​time-saving tools for your KDP content creations​.

​Design beautiful customer hubs and courses​.

Save on ​commercial use fonts & graphics​ for your creative projects.

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