Are you in the market for a new planner? If so, you first must decide between printing your planner pages to put into a binder, or going with a store-bought planner that is already put together.

Here are some comparisons between the two options.

Store Bought planer page

Printable Planners Can Save You Money

Want to start using a planner with spending a lot, printables are a good choice.  Of course, this depends on whether or not you have the paper and ink already, otherwise, it might cost you more. However, with everything else ready to go, you can start small by just printing a few pages, then printing more and adding them to any binder you have as needed. Eventually, you might decide on other customizable options, or want to switch to a different type of planner.

Store-Bought Planners are Already Set Up

Are you looking for simplicity? For beginners, a store-bought planner is a good choice since it is already set up. However, there is no option to choose types of pages included with your planner. You simply have to pick from the store’s selection.  You can still avoid some pages or add more. However, this is a great first step if you want to choose one from the store. Just be sure to look inside each one before making your choice, as they are all a little different. Should you purchase a planner?

Printable Planners Have Customizable Options

If you are looking for a planner you can completely customize to work with every section you want to include, printable is the way to go. All you need is a folder or binder to start with, then you can choose and print any planner pages you want. Some places offer packages of 10 or more pages that go together, or you can customize them with your own colors and images. Be creative with your printable planner so that it is absolutely perfect for you. This will encourage you to use it more often.

Store-bought Planners Don’t Have to Be Printed

Another benefit of the store-bought variety is that there is no printing to be done. You don’t have to worry about how to print on either side of the page, making sure you have
enough ink or printing the right size.

In the end, it all comes down to personal preference. You can also combine them by buying a disc bound planner, then add printables as needed.

A discbound hole punch comes in handy when adding printables to your store-bought planner. I love using this hole punch.


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